A.C.T – Today’s Report (1999)

ACT_TodaysReport4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Upon first listening, this excellent band reminded me of what the usually underrated band City Boy might have sounded like had they stayed together and adopted today’s more modern sound.

Generally, the musicianship is without flaw, the vocals are entertaining (ie. not annoying), the songwriting and musical arrangements are professional (especially for a first release) and a bit different—quirky, in a way, which gives the band a unique charm—and overall the production is top notch! With the right promotion and backing, this band could be HUGE.

For some reason, when listening to this album, another band popped into my head, but for no good reason, since they truly sound nothing like A.C.T., or at least not in an obvious way—Sparks. Perhaps it was the quirkiness I mentioned earlier, or something about the vocalist and his range and tone.

Nevertheless, the band has talent and should not be overlooked!

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