Alias Eye – A Different Point Of You (2003)

Alias Eyes - A Different Point Of You4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Initially when hearing A Different Point of You by Germany’s Alias Eye, the group’s third album and my formal introduction to the band, I found myself pleasantly surprised. I expected it would be ultra-Progressive Rock, but instead what I discovered was a nice blend of Prog-Rock and AOR and some jazzy elements tossed in for good measure, thanks to the occasional woodwinds and various rhythms. Indeed, the music reminded me of a cross between Mind’s Eye and early Steely Dan, with a whole lot of Saga (since the lead vocalist sounds like Michael Sadler).

Anyway, I found myself repeating this melodic album numerous times and I clearly remember how I had itched to hear it again and again. That was many years ago, yet I still gravitate toward this album with great anticipation whenever I think of this talented group. Since the days of my discovery, I’ve searched many online retailers for the band’s other four albums, only locating a copy of Alias Eye’s most recent release from 2012.

Therefore, be warned…investigating this band’s material could prove a futile escapade since the albums don’t seem readily available (at least for download), but it’s well worth the effort if you can hunt down a copy of A Different Point of You.


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