Ambrosia – Road Island (1982)

Ambrosia_RoadIsland4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Road Island is definitely my favorite Ambrosia album, a terrific mixture of this L.A. band’s various styles through the years…highly melodic AOR, somewhat heavy at times, with a touch of the Prog-Rock style that marked the first album, and without the overly “twee” or “wimpy” ballads that became Ambrosia’s image thanks to the “Biggest Part Of Me” single from the previous album. These guys were not, as many people thought, a Soft-Rock/Adult Contemporary band such as Air Supply or Player that also enjoyed fame during the same era, but a genuine Hard Rock band that got horribly mislabeled thanks to that one unfortunate single.

Anyway, with varied tracks such as “For Openers (Welcome Home,” “Endings,” “Feeling Alive Again,” “Still Not Satisfied,” and “Ice Age” included on Road Island, lovers of AOR in the vein of (especially) Toto, Honeymoon Suite, and Little River Band (LRB) during these same years will no doubt enjoy this highly melodic, well-produced, and occasionally progressive-leaning album.


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