Bad Romance – Code Of Honor (1991)

BadRomance_CodeHonor4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Joanna Dean on lead vocals!!! This woman KICKS MAJOR BUTT! I love her to death, and this album (although not the most spectacular overall) is certainly kickin’ butt along the lines of Cinderella-inspired, Nazareth-inspired, Humble Pie-inspired, or Janis Joplin-inspired hard rock!

Indeed, on this album, Joanna actually does a whiskey-soaked duet with Tom Keifer (Cinderella) on a remake of the Nazareth-classic “Love Hurts.” So the comparisons I mentioned are in full force. From the opening two tracks alone (“Up and Coming” and “In The House of my Father”) the Humble Pie comparisons, and nods to the other bands already mentioned, are in abundance, and the album just keeps kicking butt all the way through, with Joanna’s vocals reigning supreme.

I wish to God Joanna had found another vehicle to showcase her enormous talents and didn’t fade into oblivion. I can’t believe this is so generally underrated, considering Joanna’s overall blistering performance.

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