British Lions – Trouble With Women (1980)

BritishLions_Trouble2 out of 5 Stars!

When grabbing the debut album by British Lions, a “Mott” fan might hope (or be reasonably assured) that “something” similar would be on offer. And that proved very true. Although not exactly “Mott The Hoople” or even “Mott,” the original British Lions release offered a bunch of similar musical/style traits to the aforementioned bands so that the transition was nothing too shocking.

But this release?…Trouble With Women? Sorry, but this WAS shocking. Perhaps toooooo shocking of a change for most fans, since the album sunk faster than the RMS Titanic when it originally came out.

After many years, when one would hope that time might lesson that original shock, sadly, it has not. Even to this day, upon a fresh “rehearing,” this album fails on soooo many levels. This is not even close to a “Mott The Hoople” release, not even a spit’s throw from a “Mott” release, but a shadow of the former “Mott” glory, that it is perhaps best to avoid at all costs…apart from the “purists” among us who crave anything pertaining to “Mott.”

Not an even “average” unknown band could achieve such low levels. Sooo sad, especially from a band that had such promise!

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