Cyan – Pictures From The Other Side (1994)

Cyan_Pictures4 out of 5 Stars!

The comparisons between Cyan and Magenta are all too apparent. Not surprising, considering the musicians involved here. And as with any Cyan album, I can’t help wondering how it would have sounded had it been released under the Magenta banner and Christina Booth had sung lead on all the tracks.

As with Magenta, the musicianship is high quality, the Genesis/Yes/etc. influences are intact, the songs are all top notch, the production is excellent, but the vocals (although often interesting and commendable) just don’t have that “something special,” which only Christina could provide. It’s especially frustrating when you can clearly distinguish her voice in the background on such tracks as “Pictures From The Other Side,” “Broken Man,” “All Around The World,” and “Tomorrow’s Here Today”….darn, I wish she had sung lead, since Magenta just can’t release enough material to suit my craving.

Anyway, fans of Magenta will definitely love this and other Cyan releases, while people who enjoy keyboard-dominated neo-progressive rock with engaging melodies will certainly not be too disappointed with this album.

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