Eyesberg – Blue (2014)

Eyesberg_Blue4 out of 5 Stars!

This German band was supposedly formed back in 1980, yet have released only a single album in 2014. Seriously? 34 years after its formation? What took them so long?

Regardless, the band offers some terrific music in a style quite similar to classic Genesis and Marillion, only with some strong AOR (even poppy) sensibility tossed in, and includes a singer heavily influenced by Peter Gabriel/Phil Collins. Highly melodic overall, the tracks vary from soft to heavy, mellow to energetic, sparse to grand, with some of the arrangements being complex. The inclusion of the occasional flute and what sounds like Mellotron are also pluses in my book. So imagine a band such as Genesis wedded to a band such as Styx and that may give you a good idea of what’s on offer here.

Now, with so much going for them, I can only wish it doesn’t take Eyesberg another 34 years to release more material.

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