7 Months – 7 Months (2001)

7Months_14 out of 5 Stars!

The first thing that hit me when listening to 7 Months’s debut album was the clean, expressive, and commendable lead vocals that could be easily suited for an AOR/Arena-Rock act. And in general, the band’s ear for some catchy melodies seems its trademark when it comes to both the lead vocal and background harmonies as well as with the various guitar and keyboard fills. In other words, one will find a sufficient supply of hummable choruses and rather straight-forward tracks, setting this band apart from many other pure Prog-Rock acts that have a tendency for over-indulgence and over-complexity.

Generally speaking, 7 Months seems a nice (almost perfect) fusion between an AOR and Prog-Rock band from the 1980s, along with a generous, more modern, Prog-Metal touch, added quite sporadically.

While attempting to find comparisons for potential listeners, I realized the first band that sprang to mind when hearing 7 Months’s debut album was the more melodic side of a band such as Kansas, but then came an almost eerie mental-jump to bands such as Toto, especially considering the crisp production and some of the orchestration, guitar and keyboard tones, the melodies, and the general mood. But again, that was only a first impression, and upon duplicate listenings, I realized there was so much more on offer here. Sure, the band’s sound might have similar elements to the other bands I mentioned, but the difficulty I had in locating perfect comparisons leads me to believe 7 Months indeed has somehow concocted a sound all its own.

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