The Aaron Clift Experiment – Outer Light, Inner Darkness (2015)

AaronClift_OuterLight4 out of 5 Stars!

The material on this release seems (at first listen) like some better-than-average AOR/Melodic Rock material, but upon a second listen, one notices the intricate arrangements and top-notch musicianship on each track. It’s one of those albums where every time you listen anew, more surprises pop up in the mix, things that you didn’t notice the previous times. Several songs (especially the longer ones, no surprise) also boast more of a Prog-Rock feel. Regardless, each track is quite melodic, even though the singer (Aaron Clift himself) has a mid-level range, a straight-forward approach (no mega-passionate or overly emotional deliveries), and he actually sounds suited for more of the (safer) Adult Contemporary or AOR genres (in other words, none of the sometimes silly dramatics occasionally associated with bands in the Prog genre). Despite this lack of drama, his voice is quite agreeable, his notes perfectly accurate, and he certainly has an ear for some catchy riffs.

Overall, there’s nothing here to set the world on fire (it’s rare a band does that anymore), and there’s nothing in the least bit “over-the-top innovative” for the genre, but there’s nothing offensive or embarrassing either. In fact, it’s all enjoyable and well-played music that I found myself drawn to on numerous occasions.

Therefore, this is a rather satisfying band with true talent and huge potential. I hope they continue on for many years, especially when it comes to exploring more of their Prog-Rock tendencies, since they apparently have the chops.

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