Ace Frehley – Ace Frehley (1978)

Kiss_AceFrehley3.5 out of 5 Stars!

I purchased this album when it first came out, figuring it would be the best (ie. rockiest) of the Kiss solo albums. And for the most part, at the time, I believed I was right. But now, many decades later, and listening to my two faves (Ace’s and Paul’s solo albums) again, I find myself leaning more toward Paul’s release as being the best of the batch.

The reason, I eventually came to decide, boils down to one simple word…lyrics. Overall, musically, Ace’s album rocks the best (and most consistently) out of all four Kiss solo albums, but his lyrics are sooooooo godd*mned cheesy. I mean, come on…”Speeding back to my baby, and I don’t mean maybe.” Seriously??? All the other songs have similar “moon/spoon/June” type of lyrics that, although they don’t horribly ruin any of the songs, do not do them any favors either. Granted, Paul’s solo songs also don’t feature brilliant lyrics, but the silliness factor (the lack of imagination when it comes to rhyming) isn’t quite as apparent.

So musically, Ace’s album is probably the best of the four solo releases when it comes to “rocking tracks,” but his lyrics really make it difficult to rate this any higher than just slightly better than average. So mainly for that factor, Paul’s album is now my favorite. I should also mention that Ace’s voice usually leaves a lot to be desired, whereas Paul’s voice is much more accessible, so that’s the only other reason I eventually decided to rate Paul’s album slightly higher.

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