Haze – In the End: 1978-88 (1993)

Haze_InTheEnd3 out of 5 Stars!

If this compilation is anything to go by, Haze had its moments of potential brilliance. Some occasionally exciting time changes in the midst of “epic-like” songs, some commendable twiddling of the instruments (especially on the keyboards), and the rhythm section also had their “WOW moments.”

Unfortunately, those moments are not only few and far between, but are flawed by several nasty elements. Sure, at times Haze sounded like a promising version of Yes, Flash, Nektar, and Camel, yet they seem to be held at “garage-band” level. Just not as polished, nor as professionally produced. They truly had the makings of being potentially (again, that word) a powerful progressive rock act in the late 70s/early 80s.  Unfortunately, regardless of their apparent talent in musicianship, they don’t go much beyond that “garage-band” status. The production is less-than-perfect, as if they recorded in (who would have guessed?) a garage.  Secondly, the guitars also sound “thisclose” to being out of tune with the slightly also out of tune keyboards, and in turn, the vocals come “thisclose” to being out of tune with the guitars, etc. A nasty circle. Again, just “thisclose” to being on par with other “professional bands” such as Yes, Camel, etc. but never quite making the mark. Moreover, the vocals just don’t have any true appeal—middle of the road, unfortunately, whereas if they’d possessed a truly exciting frontman they might have not only sounded more “in tune” but had a higher appeal.

Quite lackluster in retrospect, whereas this might have been a much higher (and more popular) act.  This falls into the “too bad” category, since the potential existed.

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