Introitus – Anima (2014)

Introitus_Anima4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Introitus is a terrific female-led Progressive Rock band from Sweden, somewhat heavier than my favorite Prog-Rock group Magenta, although similar enough to appeal to the same fan base.

On Anima, the band’s third album, Introitus adds elements of bands such as Uriah Heep (the synth-drenched opening to “Broken Glass” and final sections of the epic “Anima” track, for example) and numerous other groups into its sound. There’s a bit of Yes and Spock’s Beard, a bit of Gentle Giant and Genesis, and a bit of Jethro Tull and even Pink Floyd tossed in for good freaking measure. And yet, through the bricolage of musical influences, Introitus manages to create its own identity.

This band just keeps getting better and better with each new release, with the music being majestic, meticulous, and melodic all the way, getting closer to the magnificent Magenta (yet with its own unique style) with every single release. I’m thrilled another female-led Prog-Rock band is journeying onto this path instead of the hugely OVER-trodden Nightwish/After Forever/Within Temptation path of Symphonic Metal. So thanks to Introitus for happily adding to the genre of “Female-led Neo-Progressive Rock” that always needs more high-quality material…yet again, the band has delivered in spades and the effort is much appreciated!!!

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