Julian’s Treatment – A Time Before This (1970)

JuliansTreatment_TimeBefore4 out of 5 Stars!

U.K. band Julian’s Treatment released only a single concept album back in 1970.

The Prog-Rock displayed on this collection of tracks is dominated by organ, with the occasional piano and harpsichord, all supplied by Julian Jay Savarin, who went on to release another album under his own name (then went on to become a multi-published novelist). Note, even though the band supposedly included a full-time guitarist, he’s barely present on many of the tracks, and when he does make an appearance, it’s usually by tossing in either psychedelic (ie. heavy fuzz-toned) interjections or he contributes some mellow background fills. Actually, if I remember correctly, there are perhaps only one or two solos where he actually gets to shine. Flute (supplied by the guitarist) also makes an appearance on some of the tracks.

The major “plus” is in the lead vocal department, supplied by Cathy Pruden, who, with her wide range and pleasant tone, is quite adept and lends almost a Curved Air feeling to the album.

Generally speaking, however, the album sounds a little dated in a “Vanilla Fudge albums sound dated” sort of way, yet the material is pleasant enough and well-performed, with almost a Krautrock feel to the overall production.


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