Lorraine Lewis – Lorraine Lewis (2001)

LorraineLewis_12.5 out of 5 Stars!

At first glance, who does Lorraine resemble on the cover?  Answer: Faith Hill.  At first listen, who does Lorraine sound like on this release?  Answer: OK, well maybe not exactly like Faith Hill, but the same style of music, for certain.

If you pick this up expecting songs in a similar vein to the hard melodic rock of Lorraine’s former band Femme Fatale, then you’ll be extremely disappointed.  Sure, there are a few rock and blues influences on this release, but they are all melded with an overall country & western style that wouldn’t be out of place on a Faith Hill or Shania Twain record. Nothing too horrible here, as Lorraine’s voice actually fits this style of music fairly well—she even has a yodel-esque quirk to her voice at the end of several lines, which would make the fans in Nashville toss their cowboy hats into the sky and take notice—but there’s truly also nothing much memorable on offer when it comes to these seven tracks either, which is where the below-average rating comes from. Give me a release from Faith or Shania any ol’ day, since they merge these genres so much better.

Nevertheless, since Lorraine does seem to have an affinity for this style of music, perhaps if she had stuck with it, worked with some top-notch songwriters, she might have found the right niche for her talent and gained some Nashville fame.  Oh well…

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