Magenta – An Overview


Albums In My Collection

– Chameleon
– Home & The New York Suite
– Metamorphosis
– Revolutions
– Seven
– The Singles
– The Twenty Seven Club

An Overview

Perhaps one of my favorite bands of all time.  I discovered them several years ago, and since that time, I have listened to them almost constantly.  One of the main reasons for this is the fantastic vocalist, Christina Booth. It’s rare enough to run across a band that plays progressive rock music in the style of 70’s Yes and Genesis (my favorite style of music) and features a female singer, but to also have that singer possess an instantly recognizable voice makes them even more special.  My only complaint when it comes to Magenta is that they don’t have nearly enough albums to satisfy my persistent craving!!!

As mentioned, Magenta’s style isn’t unique, but brings to mind the old Prog-Rock bands of the last century.  They aren’t a direct “rip-off,” however, and have created their own style, which I find riveting.  Christina’s beautiful voice (sort of a cross between Stevie Nicks and Annie Haslam from Renaissance) shines on every track, her flawless and emotional performances typically being nothing short of breathtaking and stirring.  Their music is often majestic, with long and complicated arrangements, but it’s never “above the heads” of the average listener, with Christina adding some catchy melodies to just about every single track.  I have rated all of Magenta’s official studio albums with a “5,” and I can’t recall ever before doing that with another band, so for me there truly is something unique about them.

So if you like Prog-Rock lush with synths, Mellotrons, and pianos, along with female vocals, do yourself a favor and check out this act.  I can’t believe they aren’t the “next biggest thing” by now, seeing as how they have numerous studio and live albums and singles to their credit.

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