Christine McVie – Christine McVie (1984)

ChristineMcVie_15 out of 5 Stars!

While everyone else seemed to fall at the feet of Stevie Nicks or Lindsey Buckingham during Fleetwood Mac’s most successful stretch, praising their supposed magnificence, I worshiped before the altar of Christine McVie, who was essentially the glue that firmly held the band together, despite Lindsey’s dominating presence or Stevie’s charisma. Always a gifted songwriter with a smooth voice and laid-back attitude, this classy dame penned some of the catchiest and most enduring hits of the band’s career. You could always count on Christine’s songs to feature her rich, mellow voice, some soulful lyrics (her classic “Songbird” is a perfect example), and a melody that could stand the test of time. Normally, I would skip over some of the Stevie songs, most of the Lindsey songs (what was he thinking on Tusk???) and shoot right for Christine’s gems.

This solo album proves just how valuable Christine’s contributions were to Fleetwood Mac. Indeed, listening to this album reminds me of Fleetwood Mac at their best. (How many people heard “Got A Hold On Me,” the hit single from this album, and at first thought Fleetwood Mac had finally gotten back on track?) The songs and production are high quality, and Ms. McVie finally has a chance to dominate the proceedings without being overshadowed by the egos of her band-mates. If you’re a “Christine fan” as opposed to a “Buckingham/Nicks fan,” then this album is essential for your collection!

“The Challenge,” “Who’s Dreaming This Dream,” “Love Will Show Us How,” and the other seven tracks each have something special–that same “Christine magic” she brought to Fleetwood Mac. Just about every track on offer here deserved to be a hit. It’s like listening to a “best of” Fleetwood Mac album, but without the weaker songwriters butting in to botch things up.

The woman with the birth name of Christine Perfect gets a perfect score from me with this release!

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