North Star – Power (1992)

NorthStar_Power2.5 out of 5 Stars!

I wanted to love this one…I really did.  Unfortunately, the overall production is horrific (tinny sounding and badly mixed) and ruins the entire release.

The musicianship sounds fairly solid, and the vocalist (although he tries WAY TOOOOO HARD to mimic Fish from Marillion instead of singing naturally) isn’t all that bad, but the songs also lack originality.

Whereas Marillion’s first few albums were crammed with songs (and vocal performances) that displayed true depth and heartfelt emotion, were darkly atmospheric in their instrumentation, the songs here offer little of that. At best, this is an early-Marillion clone without the stellar early-Marillion material…ie. there’s absolutely no passion here.  Generic prog-rock, sadly. Not universally horrible, mind you, just lower quality with embarrassing and shitty production.

A shame, really, since the band shows some potential.

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