Quireboys – A Bit of What You Fancy (1990)

Quireboys_Fancy5 out of 5 Stars!

For anyone who, like me, yearned for a Faces (or a Rod Stewart returning to the sound of his first albums) comeback, this is the ultimate album to grant that wish.

When I first heard the intro to the opening track “7 O’Clock,” I thought I had stepped back in time to the early 1970s. This band kicks major ass, not only replicating the sound of The Faces (featuring Rod Stewart) but also simultaneously whisking the production quality into the ’90s. Each and every track on this album brought to mind The Faces, but also gave a healthy helping of The Rolling Stones, Mott The Hoople, and any of the other classic rock ‘n’ roll bands of the early ’70s, all with a slamming dose of The Faces illuminating the proceedings.

Many singles resulted from this album: the aforementioned “7 O’Clock,” “There She Goes Again,” “Hey You,” “Whippin’ Boy,” etc., and even many of the non-single tracks could have been singles in their own right, that’s how catchy and memorable they are, with my favorite being the closer “Take Me Home.” And each of these tunes matches the classic “party rock ‘n’ roll” quality of the best tracks from The Faces.

A grand achievement, and this is a band that has (for the most part) consistently delivered the same quality goods on most of its subsequent albums, albeit with some personal changes through the years, often rivaling in quality the same kick-ass rock style as appears on albums such as A Nod Is As Good As A Wink, or any of the higher-quality Rod Stewart albums such as Every Picture Tells A Story or Never A Dull Moment. And despite the various personal changes, through it all, the voice of Spike, or “Jonathan Gray”–the “Rod Stewart for the next generation”–delivered in spades.

To any fan of The Faces, this is the album to grab ASAP, and all of the Quireboys’s albums will also likely please your taste buds. The Faces sound (or now, the Quireboy’s sound) lives on. I adore this band and can’t wait for each new release.

Important additional note: Anyone interested in this album/band should also search under titles by “The London Quireboys.” Depending on which side of the Atlantic Ocean you live, the name of the band alternates between the “London” version of its name and the one without.


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