Quorum – Another World (2015)

Quorum_AnotherWorld4.5 out of 5 Stars!

In a single word…impressive.

Granted, being American, I’m not a huge fan of foreign-language-sung lyrics, especially those in Russian. Sorry to say, but to me, the Russian language is often too harsh-sounding, and frankly, not all that “musical” to my ears. No offense to any Russian-speaking individuals, but usually I would rate an album down at least half a star for being “not as melodic” lyrically.

But in this case, what IS melodic is Quorum’s actual songs and delivery. Damn, this band knows how to play with feeling, with intensity, and with constant melody in mind. Sure, the lyrics are sung in Russian, but unlike many other groups that have elected to deliver music in that language, the vocal passages here are NOT in any way harsh-sounding, but overall melodic. Quite so! Therefore, bravo to the band for softening the harsh consonants and making everything sound a tad softer, seemingly closer to—well—”French.” Again, no offense to any Russian-speaking folks…just my opinion.

For any fans of bands such as Genesis, IQ, Yes, Pallas, Pink Floyd, The Flower Kings, Unitopia, etc., this album (as well as the band’s previous release from 2011) will be nothing short of a welcome addition to their music collections. Melodies and Prog-Rock majesty abound, with complicated instrumental arrangements, numerous time changes, heavy keyboards and soaring guitars, and wicked percussion accompaniments—and that’s all included in the twelve-minute track “Another World,” for pity’s sake. With several additional tracks often pastoral one moment, then equally slamming the next, the band does not let any listener fall into a hypnotic haze for too long throughout this collection of songs, offering instead intense shifts in mood and melody without warning, equally rivaling the best work of the aforementioned bands in the Prog-Rock genre.

Quorum is a more recent discovery for me, and I’m so happy I happened to stumble upon the band. It’s certainly a talented lot, especially when it comes to the Prog-Rock genre, and after numerous (and enjoyable) hearings of this album, I pray the band continues on for many years to come. It’s inventive material overall, with the musicians being masters at their crafts and obviously having an ear for melody, so the band (if Quorum does continue to release material in future years) is destined to become one of the leaders in the genre. Mark my words!

Fans of Prog-Rock, please join me in celebrating this more recent additional to the ranks of impressive bands delving into the “never too saturated for my taste” genre.


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