Saga – Wildest Dreams (1987)

Saga_WildestDreams4 out of 5 Stars!

I could never quite figure out why this particular album has such low ratings on various music-review websites.  Saga, as an entity, has always been a cross between progressive rock and keyboard-oriented AOR material, and this album—though granted, is more of the former type of material—is certainly not the most “commercial” album they’ve ever produced. In fact, if classified as purely a keyboard-oriented AOR album and NOT a progressive rock album, this would probably be high on the list of the band’s better efforts. I still think this is a nice cross between both genres, but obviously many listeners disagree with that assessment.

A shame, since many of the tracks have catchy melodies that could very well compete with other AOR releases of the period.  I suppose the lack of lengthier tracks and wildly complex arrangements make this too much of a disappointment for fans of the band.  A shame, since this is one of their better “crossover” albums.

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