Quidam – An Overview

QuidamAlbums In My Collection

– Alone Together
– Quidam
– Saiko
– Sny Aniolów (aka. Angel’s Dream)
– SurREvival
– The Time Beneath The Sky (aka. Pod Niebem Czas)

An Overview

A band from Poland, one of my favorites from that country, with two distinct eras—prior to 2003, they boasted a terrific female vocalist, and afterward (and to the present day) feature(d) an enjoyable male vocalist. Each era has lyrics sung in both Polish and English.

Both eras are also quite superb musically, with songs/arrangements that run the gamut of the Neo-Prog-Rock style, featuring luscious guitars (electric and acoustic), keyboards, extra percussion instruments, even flute, usually along with intricate and wonderfully (at times) mellow and absorbing atmospherics. On each of the albums I own, the production quality is near perfect. So depending on one’s taste, you might find either (or both phases) of the band entertaining, as do I.

Regardless which of the band’s eras you might prefer (female vs. male lead vocals, or whether its Polish or English in which they sing), when it comes to the music itself, fans of both modern and legendary groups such as Millenium, Galahad, Moonrise, Jethro Tull, Introitus, Marillion (especially on releases with the male vocalist, only not as drab), and even latter-day Pink Floyd will probably savor something offered by this terrific band.

And a special note: on the album The Time Beneath The Sky (aka. Pod Niebem Czas), the band’s rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter” is hauntingly terrific…just the way I had always imagined the song SHOULD sound, especially with the female vocals.

Overall, an excellent band!

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Get The Album Now!

Get The Album Now!

Get The Album Now!

Get The Album Now!

Get The Album Now!

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