Ten – Stormwarning (2011)

Ten_Stormwarning3.5 out of 5 Stars!

Overall, Stormwarning is a good piece of melodic hard rock with a hint of progressive rock when it comes to the longer arrangements.

But like all of the releases by Ten, the one thing that stops this album from getting a higher rating from me is the limited vocal range of Gary Hughes.  There’s no denying the man can pen some catchy songs, but d*mn it, his low, mellow, and emotionless vocals really take the majority of tracks nowhere.

With a vocalist who had the ability to climb out of the lower registers from time to time, this band would be something truly special.  But instead, the otherwise good (if not great) tunes are just lackluster due to the singing.  A shame. It’s really no wonder why most people have never heard of this band.

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