Witchwood – Litanies From the Woods (2015)

Witchwood_Litanies4 out of 5 Stars!

A fun and impressive debut from this Italian band, firmly steeped in the style of 1970’s acts such as Deep Purple, Birth Control, Uriah Heep and Omega (mainly due to the Hammond and synth sounds), some Led Zeppelin (during quieter moments, thanks to the inclusion of mandolin), along with a healthy dose of Jethro Tull-esque Heavy Prog-Rock (thanks to the addition of flute). The band also tosses in some Psychedelic Rock elements on a few tracks, thus adding an extra dimension to their overall sound. Even the vocalist (singing in English and accent-free) seems like he would be perfectly at home fronting a blues-based band from the 70s.

Therefore, for fans of recent Retro-sounding acts such as Presto Ballet, Siena Root, D’Accord, Black Bonzo, etc., you’ll probably find much to enjoy here.

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