Without Warning – Believe (1995)

WithoutWarning_Believe4 out of 5 Stars!

Without Warning, a quintet from New York, released three fairly enjoyable albums in the ’90s that generated little fanfare before the band sadly vanished (dare I say it?) without warning, thus remaining highly obscure.

Anyway, on Believe, the group’s second album, Jack Bielata’s lead vocals are once again the high point, the main ingredient that sets Without Warning apart from being just another “Dream Theater wannabe” clone. Indeed, picture a band such as Dream Theater mixed with Rainbow and other “mergers” of Progressive Rock/Neoclassical Metal bands featuring a singer who has the prowess and gruff manner of Paul Shortino (from Rough Cutt/Quiet Riot) when belting, yet melded with the smoothness of Ted Leonard (Enchant/Thought Chamber) during quieter passages.

And when it comes to the instrumental sections and song arrangements, Without Warning offers mostly energetic, grooving, and occasionally complex Prog-Metal material, falling snugly within the same general category of music delivered by groups such as Threshold, Poverty’s No Crime, Altura, and Cloudscape.


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