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An Overview

Back in the mid-90s, hungering for something new in the way of Prog-Rock (and new to the Internet) I chanced upon a website for Magna Carta Records, saw their focus on Prog-Rock bands, and immediately splurged on buying more CDs than I could actually afford. I can still remember the guilt I felt over that enormous purchase.

Regardless, one of those CDs was the debut release by Cairo and, upon listening to it and a host of other Magna Carta CDs, all the guilt I originally experienced for spending money on that gigantic purchase fled. This band, I felt, was great! The MG label had provided me with exactly what I had been craving for so many years, and Cairo stood out among the pack for their unique sound.

Okay, granted, they weren’t completely unique, considering their influences sprang from a healthy dosage of Yes and ELP, but to me, it was unique since only Dream Theater had truly made a dent in the fabric of Prog-Rock/Prog-Metal in America at that time, and this merging of the Yes and ELP sound, along with the inclusion of a terrific vocalist, had me jumping for joy. Synth-heavy Prog-Rock. A dream come true!

Yes, this was great stuff overall, and although nostalgia may be dictating my opinions as I write this review, I still believe this band had something truly special. Too bad they fizzled after their last 2001 (not-quite-as-good-as-the-others) release. Still, nostalgia does play a big part today, and I still enjoy the debut release by this band named Cairo, which I feel held such promise and, needless to say, I continue to miss them. I’m praying they will eventually reform and produce some more material since they certainly had the chops to make it—big time!

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Get The Album Now!

Get The Album Now!

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