Perihelion Ship – A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring (2016)

PerihelionShip_RareThunderstorm2 out of 5 Stars!

Some decent material here when it comes to the music and the musicianship, including the use of Mellotron during some blistering Metal passages.

The one thing that truly turns me off more than anything else, however, is the use of annoying growl/beast/death vocals. Nothing ruins a song for me more than this tuneless guttural shrieking crap, so I’m sorry to say, this album gets lower marks for the use of this “noise.” Completely unnecessary also, since the singer (when actually singing) has a fine voice.

Regardless, for those who may not mind this nonsense when it comes to the vocals, and are lovers of head-pounding Metal with major Progressive sections and orchestration, you will probably enjoy this album.

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