21 Guns – Salute (1992)

21Guns_Salute4 out of 5 Stars!

Featuring Scott Gorham (long-time guitarist of the legendary Thin Lizzy), 21 Guns released the first of three albums back in 1992. To me, this debut was the best of the albums, containing both solid rockers such as “Little Sister,” “Batter and Bruised,” “No Way Out,” and “Knee Deep,” and some inspired AOR-tinged tunes and ballads, including “Marching in Time,” “Tell Me,” “Just a Wish,” and the magnificent “These Eyes,” a track that should have been HUGE.

Gorham’s full and searing guitars, backed by the versatile rhythm section of bassist Leif Johansen and drummer Mike Sturgis (Asia/Wishbone Ash), and the hint of keyboards (also from Johansen) where needed, not to forget the spot-perfect vocals by Thomas La Verdi (with layered background harmonies adding glorious tinsel to the proceedings), truly made for a winning combination, and the writing team of (mainly) Gorham & Johansen proved impressive and formidable.

Indeed, Salute is a perfectly polished album with catchy-as-hell material, a collection of tracks I’ve continued to enjoy year after year.

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