Anyone’s Daughter – Anyone’s Daughter (1980)

AnyonesDaughter_24 out of 5 Stars!

On this German band’s eponymous sophomore release, Anyone’s Daughter continues in a similar Symphonic Prog style as on its debut album Adonis, but with a bit more polish and with shorter, tighter compositions. Indeed, several tracks (“Swedish Nights,” “Thursday,” and “Enlightment”) tend to sound more like Arena-Rock groups that possess strong Prog-Rock tendencies (such as Magnum, Nightwing, Styx, or Angel, for example) as opposed to the previous album’s more “epic” approach.

Still, despite the shortened song lengths, there is plenty of Prog to go around, what with tracks such as “Superman,” “Another Day Like Superman,” “Moria,” and “Azimuth/Between the Rooms” all showing off the band’s advanced instrumental skills and including more intricate arrangements, with the music often reminding me of groups such as Saga, Camel, and (especially) Eloy, thanks mostly to both the synth sounds as well as Harald Bareth’s lead vocals often bearing a striking resemblance to Eloy’s Frank Bornemann.

Anyone’s Daughter is yet another skillful and enjoyable act that should not be considered “obscure,” yet sadly enough, it is.

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