Bruce Dickinson – The Chemical Wedding (1998)

BruceDickinson_ChemicalWedding4.5 out of 5 Stars!

The Chemical Wedding is easily my favorite solo album by Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden/Samson), probably because it’s his heaviest, most consistent release. From opener “King in Crimson” to the final track “The Alchemist,” the album offers up a ton of thundering Metal, yet with some lighter moments of pure class, all expertly produced and performed, with Bruce belting out his heart along the way and proving why he’s considered rock ‘n’ roll royalty (at least in my eyes).

And with guitarist Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) as well as guitarist Roy Z, bassist Eddie Casillas, and drummer David Ingraham (all from the band Tribe of Gypsies) bringing down the house on the previously mentioned tracks as well as on “Trumpets of Jericho,” “Gates of Urizen,” “Killing Floor,” “Jerusalem,” “Book of Thel,” and the title tune among others, The Chemical Wedding is a barrel of musical dynamite, pure Heavy Metal Gold, and (for me) easily matches the driving power of many Iron Maiden classics.

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