Empty Tremor – Eros and Thanatos (2000)

EmptyTremor_Eros4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Empty Tremor is an obscure Italian band that released four high-quality studio albums, the final one being in 2010.

Like many bands in the Progressive Rock/Metal genre, Dream Theater influences pop up from time to time—especially since Giovanni De Luigi, the vocalist on Eros and Thanatos (the band’s second album), has a voice similar in tone and range to Charlie Dominici, DT’s original singer—but Empty Tremor is far from being a clone of any band, and indeed, has a personality all its own.

On highly diverse tracks such as “Outside,” “Y2K,” “The Future Needs Your Name,” “Star,” and the seventeen-minute epic “The Timeless Night,” the music is complex, melodic, and always impressive when it comes to the arrangements, numerous styles and tempos, all excellently performed by capable musicians, and will likely appeal to any serious fan of Progressive Rock with Metal touches.

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