Heaven & Earth – Dig (2013)

HeavenEarth_Dig4 out of 5 Stars!

To me, the U.K. band Heaven & Earth is about the closet thing one can get to the classic sound/style of Rainbow. Certainly, the overall production qualities and instrumentation are modern-sounding, yet there are enough similarities in song structure and skillful musicianship to the Rising or Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll albums for fans of Rainbow (and certainly even Deep Purple) to enjoy. Or perhaps Rainbow’s last album, Stranger in Us All, or Purple’s Perfect Strangers, are more apt similarities.

Regardless, you get the idea—Rainbow/Deep Purple fans (as well as those who favor vocalists in the style of Ronnie James Dio/Doogie White/David Coverdale) will likely find much to savor on Dig, Heaven & Earth’s release from 2013, which includes some fiery tracks with guitar and Hammond interplay such as “Back in Anger,” “Victorious,” “Man & Machine,” “No Money, No Love,” and “Rock & Roll Does” along with several beautiful ballads such as “I Don’t Know What Love Is” and “Live As One” adding variety to the collection.

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