Ice Age – The Great Divide (1999)

IceAge_GreatDivide4.5 out of 5 Stars!

New York’s Ice Age was a superb, highly evolved band that (after producing two first-class albums) eventually altered its name (to Soulfractured) and its musical style, abandoning Prog-Rock/Prog-Metal in favor of more straightforward Hard Rock, then making a single album before quickly disappearing.

Too bad the musicians didn’t trust their original gut instincts and stay together as Ice Age to create more albums of such high caliber as The Great Divide or they might have become HUGE in Prog-Rock circles.

Ice Age certainly deserved praise, since the musicians were damned gifted, playing outstanding and well-constructed Prog-Rock with a touch of Metal and AOR, and featuring a fantastic singer with an almost Michael Sadler (Saga), Dennis DeYoung (Styx), or Michael Sweet (Stryper) tone and style.

The debut album, The Great Divide, with outstanding tracks such as “Because of You,” “Perpetual Child,” “Miles to Go,” “Sleepwalker,” the epics “Ice Age” and “To Say Goodbye, Parts 1 & 2,” and the blazing instrumental “Spare Chicken Parts,” showcases the band’s enormous ability to include catchy and intriguing melodies within classy and intricate Prog-Rock arrangements.

The follow-up release from 2001, Liberation, proved just as impressive and grand, and even after purchasing the two albums way more than a decade ago, I still listen to them regularly.

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