Mysticity – Ambassadors of the Hidden Sun (2011)

Mysticity_Ambassadors4 out of 5 Stars!

Mysticity is band that has released only a single album thus far. With former Rainbow singer Doogie White behind the microphone, with former Rainbow member Bobby Rondinelli popping up as a guest drummer, as well as Ambassadors of the Hidden Sun featuring an equal balance of guitar and Hammond organ on most songs, it’s no great shock that this collection of tracks sounds quite a bit like Rainbow, especially the Stranger in Us All album on which Doogie appeared.

Indeed, with tracks such as “Mirage in Behrain,” “Revolution,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Visions,” and the powerful title tune, Mysticity has captured the style and atmosphere of ’70s Hard Rock/Metal fairly accurately.

Therefore, any fans of that era of rock (or fans of Deep Purple, Rainbow, or modern bands of their ilk, such as Heaven & Earth, Rata Blanca, Cornerstone, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.) may find Ambassadors of the Hidden Sun as enjoyable as I do.

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