Orang-Utan – Orang-Utan (1970)

Orang-Utan_14 out of 5 Stars!

From the U.K., this underappreciated and “lost” band falls into the frustrating category of “released one album before disappearing,” thanks mainly to corruption, subterfuge, and (as always) greed within the music industry. It’s a long and disgusting nightmare tale of “the artist once again getting screwed” that is best left for another time…

Anyway, Orang-Utan was a talented Heavy Psych version of Free—sort of Free-meets-Cream—even featuring a singer named Terry Clarke who occasionally sounds as soulful and as raspy as the mighty Paul Rodgers, along with ultra-tasty and wickedly bluesy licks from guitarists Mick Clarke and Sid Fairman, and a rhythm section of bassist Paul Roberts and drummer Jeff Seopardie that seemed just as solid and as driving as that of Deep Purple’s.

With ferocious tracks such as “Slipping Away,” “Chocolate Piano,” “I Can See Inside Your Head,” and “Magical Playground” on offer, as well as some lighter, mid-tempo moments such as “Love Queen” and “Fly Me High,” Orang-Utan is certainly one band that should’ve never gotten lost in the jungle of obscurity, or screwed by the “power that be,” but instead—as the silly album cover suggests—should have taken a giant leap toward conquering the world.

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