Trooper – The Last of the Gypsies (1989)

Trooper_LastGypsies3.5 out of 5 Stars!

The Last of the Gypsies was an album of rather straightforward melodic Hard Rock by Trooper, another Canadian band that never got the recognition it truly deserved. Although Trooper disintegrated in the early ’80s after its seventh studio album, the band eventually reappeared in 1989 with The Last of the Gypsies, probably one of its best platters ever, and it certainly became one of my favorites due to its overall consistency and its above-average song quality, which the band occasionally lacked on some of its late-’70s releases.

Indeed, with tracks such as “Workin’ Like a Dog,” “$100,000.00,” “Don’t Like Being Told What To Do,” and “The Girl Don’t Know,” this album proved a keeper, and almost seemed a precursor to groups such as Britain’s Thunder and Little Angels, which would both employ the same melodic Hard Rock concoctions and inspirations to make “semi” gold for themselves in the same time period.

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