Eden’s Curse – The Second Coming (2008)

EdensCurse_SecondComing4 out of 5 Stars!

On The Second Coming, Eden’s Curse (from the U.K.) delivers yet another spirited and well-produced collection of highly symphonic Heavy Metal, brimming with catchy choruses, stellar solos from both guitarist Thorsten Koehne and keyboardist Ferdy Doernberg, as well as a solid and driving rhythm section thanks to bassist Paul Logue and drummer Pete Newdeck. Additionally, wide-ranging singer Michael Eden’s voice cuts through crisp and clear above the full and rich background vocals, coming across as a British counterpart to Italian singers such as Michele Luppi (Killing Touch/Vision Divine/Secret Sphere) or Titta Tani (Astra/DGM).

Were it not for the powerful and metalized riffing throughout upbeat tracks such as “Lost in Wonderland,” “Raven’s Revenge,” “Just Like Judas,” “West Wind Blows,” and “Ride the Storm,” all blazing alongside the beautiful ballad “Man Against the World,” also included in this collection, I feel that Eden’s Curse would have made an outstanding AOR group, especially with the grand production treatment the songs receive from longtime colleague Dennis Ward (multi-instrumentalist from Pink Cream 69, Place Vendome, and Sunstorm).

Melodic Metal, anyone? If so, then The Second Coming might satisfy your craving.

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