Alice Cooper – Easy Action (1970)

AliceCooper_EasyAction3.5 out of 5 Stars!

Although Easy Action, the band’s second album, still finds the group in a musical quagmire left over from the debut album Pretties for You (sort of like a bizarre version of The Beatles, one where the Pop Rock has a punkish attitude, a flower-power vibe, and some Zappa-inspired silliness and wild experimentation), you can actually hear the signature style beginning to materialize on tracks such as “Return of the Spiders” and “Mr. and Misdemeanor.”

It would take one more year, during which time the quintet relocated to Detroit to revamp itself, resulting in the classic Love It To Death album, until the band’s popular sound fully solidified.

Therefore, with the weird “Lay Down and Die, Goodbye,” “Still No Air,” and “Below Your Means” included on Easy Action, tracks where I need to be in just the right mood to enjoy, this is certainly not the band’s most accessible album, but one I nevertheless still play on occasions when I yearn for something more than a tad off the wall.

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