Dust – Hard Attack (1972)

Dust_HardAttack4 out of 5 Stars!

From New York state, this power trio from the early ’70s released only two albums of blue-based and “acidy” Hard Rock with Psychedelic and Prog-Rock leanings before calling it a day.

Hard Attack, the band’s second and final release, shows Dust continuing on in the same fashion as its debut, with underrated guitarist/vocalist Richie Wise offering up both tasty acoustic guitar and proto-metal electric riffs, and bassist Kenny Aaronson (Derringer/HSAS/New York Dolls/etc.) and drummer Marky Ramone (Ramones/Wayne County) thundering along for the diverse and occasionally dramatic wild ride.

Sadly, Dust ended up becoming another promising band that never got its due before fading into obscurity, joining the ranks of May Blitz, Blue Cheer, Ursa Major, Sir Lord Baltimore, and a host of other forgotten groups of a similar nature.

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