Foghat – Energized (1974)

Foghat_Energized4 out of 5 Stars!

Energized is one of my early favorites by Foghat, and (I believe) the first of the band’s albums I heard in its entirety.

As the title suggests, the band sounds more energized than ever for its third release and offers some memorable, hard-rockin’ riffs and driving rhythms on tracks such as “Honey Hush,” “Wild Cherry,” “Step Outside,” and several other concert favorites from the mid-’70s.

Additionally, the production quality is excellent, and the album is meant to be played loud, which I often did, especially in my high school years.

This is Boogie Rock simply perfect for cruising along the highway with the music blaring, and a musical snapshot of a band on the verge of mega-success in America.

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