Leaf Hound – Unleashed (2007)

LeafHound_Unleashed3.5 out of 5 Stars!

London’s Leaf Hound released a single album full of Heavy Psych Rock back in 1971 that, through the years, gained a large cult following. Then more than thirty years later, in 2007, the band returned (the original singer Peter French with a new line-up of musicians) to release a second album, Unleashed, a wild trip into Retro Hard Rock territory.

Certainly the production quality of Unleashed far surpasses the band’s debut album, as I expected. But what I didn’t expect was for the newest version of the band to sound just as youthful and energetic as the original on tracks such as “Barricades,” “Deception,” “Overtime,” “Nickels and Dimes,” and “One Hundred and Five Degrees.”

For those looking for some driving Hard Rock with a strong 1970’s feel, Unleashed is an album you may want to investigate.

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