Legend – Fröm the Fjörds (1979)

Legend_FromFjords4 out of 5 Stars!

Fröm the Fjörds is the lone album by Connecticut-based group Legend that, in retrospect, seems almost a precursor to the “Heavy Metal bordering on Progressive Metal” style of bands such as Queensryche or Diamond Head from the early ’80s, but with Captain Beyond-ish instrumentation and atmospherics, Budgie-inspired creativity, and Rush-like complexity via the Caress of Steel album.

Although not perfect—the vocals are rather average, the production quality is a bit weak in places, and one or two songs could have used judicious pruning…no need to place a lengthy drum solo on the otherwise impressive track “The Iron Horse,” for instance—the riffs, however, are often brutal and memorable (as on “The Confrontation,” “The Destroyer,” and “R.A.R.Z.”), the guitar solos and bass runs are highly impressive (look no further than the aforementioned tunes as well as “The Wizard’s Vengeance,” “The Golden Bell,” or the title track), and the general creativity of the musicians and songwriters makes it frustrating that the band didn’t last longer to further develop its style and generate more albums.

Therefore, both Legend and its sole collection are true legends indeed!

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