Legs Diamond – Legs Diamond (1977)

LegsDiamond_LegsDiamond4.5 out of 5 Stars!

This is one band I followed since its debut album and still cannot figure out how it remains so damned obscure—only a fierce “cult following” to this day.

San Francisco’s Legs Diamond had a unique sound, with singer Rick Sanford’s immediately recognizable voice, Roger Romeo’s wicked guitars, Michael Prince’s sterling keyboards, and the tight rhythm section of bassist Michael “Diamond” Gargano and drummer Jeff Poole delivering well-above-average material.

Be that as it may, those unfamiliar with Legs Diamond should certainly investigate this 1977 debut, which includes some electrifying tunes such as “It’s Not the Music,” “Deadly Dancer,” “Satin Peacock,” “Rat Race,” and “Stage Fright.” Each of the album’s seven tracks is a winner, quite memorable and often breathtaking, and I guarantee that most listeners, after hearing this release, will crave to savor even more from the group’s back catalogue.

The bottom line is that Legs Diamond should have been GIGANTIC, and in a perfect world, fate would have made it happen. Indeed, the band’s first two releases were simply outstanding. Granted, the third album Fire Power, although containing some extraordinary tracks, did fall a bit short overall, and Legs Diamond splintered soon after recording an unreleased fourth album (that finally appeared on the market as Uncut Diamond in 1999, a raw bundle of energy that nearly matched the sheer songwriting power of the band’s first two albums). Anyway, Legs Diamond thankfully reformed in the mid-’80s, bursting back with revitalized energy and several new band members.

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