Stray – Saturday Morning Pictures (1972)

Stray_SaturdayMorningPictures4 out of 5 Stars!

Stray is a long-forgotten U.K. group that played some fun and rather diverse guitar-driven Hard/Blues Rock mixed with Heavy Psych and even a trace of Prog-Rock.

The band’s earlier albums (including Saturday Morning Pictures, its third release) include tracks that occasionally remind me of a soulful, yet heavier version of Rolling Stones mixed with Savoy Brown, while at other times the group dove into musical territory similar to Robin Trower, Toad, Rory Gallagher, Blues Creation, and even Captain Beyond.

Regardless, Stray possessed an undeniable style all its own, and it’s a crying shame the band never gained greater recognition, especially in America. Indeed, I didn’t discover this terrific group until well into the ’90s, and I still have several of Stray’s studio albums on my never-diminishing “Wish List.”

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