Sugarloaf – The Best of Sugarloaf (1993)

Sugarloaf_BestOf4 out of 5 Stars!

This Denver band from the early ’70s, best known for its excellent (5-Star) semi-Prog-Rock debut single “Green-Eyed Lady”—the extended version getting regularly played on FM radio stations for years to come—never got the recognition it truly deserved.

A cross between Hard Rock and Heavy Prog, Sugarloaf was a band seemingly created especially for keyboard lovers like myself (folks who adore the sound of the Hammond organ), often reminding me of groups such as Bloodrock, Steppenwolf, Argent (the “Hold Your Head Up”-era of the band) or early Styx.

Led by the talented Jerry Corbetta on vocals and keys, the band had a rich, full sound on tracks such as the aforementioned “Green-Eyed Lady,” as well as tunes like the catchy single “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You,” the Prog-tinged “Tongue in Cheek” and “Myra Myra,” the lengthy Hammond-heavy instrumental “Bach Doors Man/Chest Fever,” and ultra-melodic tunes such as “Round and Round,” “Easy Evil,” and “Wild Child.”

Ah, yes, in a perfect universe, Sugarloaf should have gone on to worldwide fame instead of being relegated to history books as little more than a footnote.

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