Three Man Army – A Third of a Lifetime (1971)

3ManArmy_ThirdLifetime4 out of 5 Stars!

When the U.K. group Gun fell apart in 1970, ace guitarist Adrian Gurvitz and his equally talented brother Paul (bass/vocals) recruited Spooky Tooth drummer Mike Kellie to form a “supergroup” power trio named Three Man Army.

A Third of a Lifetime, the band’s debut album (and two subsequent releases from the ’70s), unfortunately remains a rather obscure gem from the era, yet features a royal sh*tload of truly outstanding six-string magic—ultra-cool licks and stellar solos—and some memorable tracks with Blues Rock and Heavy Psych influences, along with a touch of Prog-Rock included.

Too bad this band didn’t make a greater dent in the Hard Rock history books, since Three Man Army truly deserved worldwide conquering. At least when the band fizzled in 1974, the Gurvitz brothers swiftly teamed up with legendary drummer Ginger Baker to form another musical army—the Baker-Gurvitz Army—another promising “supergroup,” but more Prog-Rock oriented, that released another trio of enjoyable albums. At the same time, the brothers also teamed up with the drummer from The Moody Blues to release two albums as The Graeme Edge Band, albeit with less memorable results.

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