Toad – Toad (1971)

Toad_14 out of 5 Stars!

Toad was a rather obscure band from Switzerland that released a trio of albums in the ’70s, a single album in the ’90s, and another trio in the new century.

The band’s debut from 1971 is often compared to Deep Purple, but frankly, I don’t see it (or, rather, hear it). Instead, on tracks such as “Cotton Wood Hill,” “They Say I’m Mad,” “Life Goes On,” “Pig’s Walk,” and the instrumental “Tank,” with its wild guitar extravaganza, the band reminds me of Cream, Orang-Utan, Buffalo, or Three Man Army with perhaps a touch of Led Zeppelin.

Therefore, this is some fun blues-based Hard Rock and Heavy Pysch with an abundance of fuzz guitar, a strong psychedelic vibe, and a raspy and powerful vocalist who (on tracks like “A Life That Ain’t Worth Living” and “They Say I’m Mad”) sounds an awful lot like Ian Lloyd from Stories belting out the blues.

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