Electric Sun – Fire Wind (1980)

ElectricSun_FireWind3.5 out of 5 Stars!

After leaving Scorpions back in 1978—a sad, sad, SAD day for early fans of the German band, like myself—spectacular guitarist Uli Jon Roth formed Electric Sun. Although a bit more experimental in its musical scope compared to Scorpions, the band (as expected) provided an appropriate vehicle to showcase Roth’s more Psychedelic-styled, Hendrix-inspired playing, as on this album, the group’s second, and in my opinion, its best.

The band might have gained wider recognition were it not for Roth doing his own vocals, which are certainly not the most “accurate” or commercial, unfortunately. Fans of Scorpions were at least familiar with Roth’s sometimes-manic and always-bizarre “talk/singing on acid” style from his occasional vocal contributions on classic songs such as “Robot Man,” “Polar Nights,” “Drifting Sun,” and “Hell-Cat,” so therefore, came prepared, unlike those unfamiliar with Roth’s work.

Regardless, Electric Sun released a trio of somewhat enjoyable studio albums before the group disbanded in 1986, and avid guitar fans, as well as early Scorpions fans, will likely forgive the “vocal misfortunes” and enjoy these platters for Roth’s killer solos, wild riffs, and wonderfully liberal multi-tracking of his Stratocaster.

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