FreddeGredde – Brighter Skies (2014)

FreddeGredde_BrighterSkies4.5 out of 5 Stars!

After Swedish musician Fredrik Larsson released his highly impressive debut album (under the name FreddeGredde) back in 2011, I wondered whether he could match or better his efforts on future recordings.

Thankfully, he didn’t wait too long before creating new material, releasing Brighter Skies several years later. And once again, the grand and melodic material offered on this album (performed almost entirely by Fredrik alone—everything except flute and drums) is generally stunning, bordering on Prog-Rock genius and matching the utter sophistication and musical complexity of groups such as Galahad, Seven Steps to the Green Door, Unitopia, Also Eden, Kaipa, Anima Mundi, etc.

Any Prog-Rock fan craving more top-quality material should certainly investigate these two albums at the first opportunity. (Final note: A new album, Eyes on the Edge, has just been released, although I have not yet had the opportunity to hear it.)

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