Galleon – King of Aragon (1995)

Galleon_KingAragon4 out of 5 Stars!

For nearly two full decades, Sweden’s Galleon released numerous albums of the Neo-Prog variety, most of which are quite enjoyable. King of Aragon, the band’s third album, was where I truly sat up and paid attention, noting the band’s rising professionalism and its increasing quality level when it came to both the overall songwriting and the instrumental and vocal performances. Lengthy tracks such as “Long Lonely Shadows,” “From Square to Circle,” and the title tune clearly displayed the band’s growth, its true potential, and strongly hinted at even better things to come.

From this point forward, most of the band’s subsequent albums continued to impress me, rivaling the best from groups such as Pallas, Abel Ganz, Echolyn, or Millenium. Now I can only pray additional albums will appear in the future, seeing as how the last release came out back in 2010.

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