Homunculus Res – Come si diventa ciò che si era (2015)

HomunculusRes_ComeSi3.5 out of 5 Stars!

Homunculus Res is a newer group from Italy that has thus far released two enjoyable albums where the music—heavily jazz-influenced Prog Rock—strongly harkens back to the 1970’s Canterbury music scene in England (or, for that matter, Italy’s more eclectic Picchio dal Pozzo from the late ’70s).

Indeed, were it not for the Italian vocals that occasionally pop up here, one might think they had stumbled upon some forgotten tracks by a British group such as Caravan, National Health, Egg, or Hatfield and the North, especially when Homunculus Res uses vintage keyboards to help forge its sound—what seems like everything from Arps to Moogs to Farfisas to Wurlitzers—and has a full-time sax/woodwinds player and some additional brass “guest instrumentalists” to add to the creative, bright, vibrant, and periodic wackiness of the material.

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